Unitized Curtain Walls

“Curtain Wall” is a term given to a façade that wraps over the primary building structure, thus concealing slabs, columns and walls behind. By doing so, it gives the opportunity to the designers for achieving large, flat (“flush glazed”) seemingly uninterrupted planes of either glass or other prefabricable finishes.

“Unitised” curtain walls consist of rows of ready-to-hang units. The frame of such units is made of coated extruded aluminium profiles onto which the glazing is attached in the factory. The outer edges of the frame interlock with adjacent units so as to form permanent weatherproof joints. Generally, in situ weatherproofing is not required as all joints are either presealed in the factory or work as gaskets at interlock positions. Unitised curtain walls minimise site labour and augments the quality of the end product.

G&H is the proprietor of several unitised curtain wall systems, which are designed to comply with onerous structural criteria as well as to offer to the client a range of versatile applications and finishes.